Do Me painted by Kelly Towles

I paint bodies. Sometimes I invite my friends to paint bodies. Sometimes people paint their own body. Then I whip out the camera and take a zillion photos. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it. I believe every body should be colored from time to time. It doesn't matter what color. Just make sure you're colored. Once you're colored, dance around the house, go to a concert, go to the grocery store, go to a gallery or museum to be part of the art show or take a stroll in the park.  Just do something fun and relaxing.  Don't wait for a special occasion.  Make one!    

Do your part to make this planet a more colorful place. Stand up and take action TODAY!!! Paint yourself. Paint a friend. Paint a stranger. It won't kill you unless you use the wrong paint so read the label and make sure it says non-toxic. Read my FAQs page to get started.

I figure you must be pretty  interested  in my boring life if you're on this page.  Since there's really not much to say, I'm going to post bonus links on this page from now on.  What's a bonus link?  That's a link to a recent photo shoot.  Sometimes it's the whole shoot of several hundred images before I wittle things down to my favorite 3-10.  Other times it's photos from a recent event.  It's just my way of saying thanks for visiting and an attempt to lure you back frequently, to attend my shows and buy art.  Let me know if it works.

A few links to see (Some of these won't be up long so take a quick peek before they're gone.)
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If you're feeling nostalgic for my old site that had way too many links and photos and listings of every show I've done and other clutter and stuff, use the Way Back Machine and enter for a blast from the past.

Photo info:  Hisham Breedlove painted by Kelly Towles
Click here to hear Hisham's interview on NPR's Morning Edition.
Click here to hear and read the Channel 9 News interview.  You really should listen.


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